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Today, Sunday, February 28th, sitting in my room while working online… when I received an email from ViaChef the maker of 3D Chocolate Candy Molds!

ViaChef is a popular chocolate candy mold provider. They produce a new style of candy molds, breakable hearts, and 3D-shaped characters. My jaw dropped and jumped for joy and chucked. I have had so many people asking me for these products!

I rushed to their website and bought over 60 molds of each style. My only hope is to get these products in before Mother’s Day and Easter. I hope to have these before then so my customers can enjoy them and have fun making them. These chocolate molds would be a great gift for kids, your friends, family, and lovers! After having a bad day, the day before having someone break into the shop and steal all my petty cash and other items, it felt very memorable to receive good news for a change.

Here are some pictures of the 3D chocolate molds for you to enjoy! These molds come in the shape of an egg which comes in three different sizes and different patterns. We have a game controller,

ViaChef also makes lots of other designs used often in the edible medical marijuana industry. A design like the spoons, 420 bars, the marijuana leaf, breakable bars, and much more.

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