Baking recipes for bread, cakes, muffins, cake pops, and cookies, these easy baking recipes include something for everyone.

  • Baking Recipes, St. Patrick’s Day recipes, and dinner ideas for food traditions that range from colcannon and corned beef with cabbage to potato recipes and green desserts.
  • No amount of Irish luck will save a party that’s lacking in proper Paddy’s Day sips. Embellish your bar with these emerald-colored concoctions that even St. Patrick would approve of. “Passing on a delicious recipe from my mom. I always make this punch at parties and family gatherings. It is perfect for St. Patty’s Day!”
  • I made this for St. Patty’s Day and we loved it. I did half the recipe as it was just for our family and it still made a lot of punch.
  • I used the lime Sherbert and we loved it. I put the remaining punch in a jar and we just shook it up before pouring some into the glass. Even though the Sherbert melted the day after we still loved the punch.
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