Foil Roll

Foil Rolls Embossed Floral Foil Paper is for covering chocolate or cake boards. They are available in 15 colors and each roll meagers 20″ by 50ft.

  • Embossed Floral Paper Metallic Wrapping Colored Foil Roll Sheets for Crafts Scrapbook Florist Cake Board, Cake Drums, and Gift Wrapping.
  • available for many craft projects, like cake boards, cake drums, gift wrapping, flower wrapping, vases wrapping, and so on;
  • You can also send it to friends and family who work as florists, pleasing them with the delicate gift
  • foil paper for crafts is easy and convenient to trim, you can cut it into different sizes according to your actual needs, which is both practical and decorative, to cultivate manual skills while enjoying DIY

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