Piping Bags

Plastic Piping Bags for pastry-making decorating fast and easy! See icing colors at a glance, Available in sizes 12″ to 24″.

  • You can use piping bags for cakes, pies, cookies, and other pastries
  • the bag is a bag in the shape of a cone
  • for squeezing doughs, batters, creams
  • made of canvas, parchment paper, and plastic
  • add a coupler and a tip to create designs and shapes
  • usually fitted with a coupler at the pointy end which makes it easier to swap out different tips
  • disposable plastic piping bag,
  • you’ll need to snip the tip off the end of the bag before getting started.
  • If you’re using a coupler, you’ll need to insert the inside half of the coupler first, then the tip.

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