Baking tools for all occasions for cake decorating, fondant, buttercream, whipped cream, stencils, fondant cutters, shaping tools, and more…

  • Cake decorating tools include a non-slip revolving cake turntable, numbered cake piping tips, icing spatulas, disposable pastry bags
  •  All items in our set meet the US food-grade standards for health and safety.
  • Rubber Spatula/Scraper, Spatula/Metal Turner, Pastry Brus, Whisk, Kitchen Scissors, Rolling Pin, Fine-Mesh Sieve, Chef’s Knife, Paring Knife, Rectangular Baking Pan, Round Cake Pan, Loaf Pan, Pie Plate, Square Baking Pan, Wire Rack, Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet/Cookie Sheet/Sheet Pan, Hand Mixer/Stand Mixer, Parchment Paper, Pastry Blender, Offset Spatula/Spreader, Zester/Rasp Grater, Pastry Wheel

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