CMC/Tylose Powder 3.5 oz.


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CMC/Tylose Powder 3.5 oz. Tylose Powder is a hardening agent which when added to fondant creates a quick and simple version of gumpaste/modeling paste.

  • If you’re making figures or cupcake toppers, knead lots of cornstarch into your fondant 🙂 It will also help dry and harden your fondant.
  • Its substitute that you can use, but that I do not recommend that you abuse, is cornstarch.
  • You can add a pinch to the fondant you are going to use.
  • It will absorb the moisture from the fondant so it will dry faster. But personally, it is better to use CMC.
  • Tylose powder is effectively the same as CMC and works similarly.
  • Tylose is typically a brand name and you’ll see CMC is the main ingredient in Tylose Powder.
  • Gum Tragacanth is the natural version of all these gums.
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