Poppy Paint Blue


  • SHAKE WELL: Before using Poppy Paint, he paint settles down to the bottom.
  • To clean your brush! Soak the brush in 90% alcohol and Rines with water.
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Poppy Paint Blue works on any solid confectionery surface, Chocolate, Isomalt, Ganache, Candy Melts, and Macarons. Cookies, Macarons, Royal Icing, Glaze Icing, Fondant, Gumpaste, Wafer Paper, Candy, or Modeling Chocolate


  • Poppy Paint – 10-30 seconds
  • Pearlescent drys in 30-60 seconds
  • Super Shine drys in 5-10 minutes
  • 30ml = 1 fl. oz
  • Poppy Paint is a 100% FDA-compliant edible confectionery paint.
  • It is speedy drying, and will not rub off or smudge once set.
  • Great on chocolate, especially cake pops and other chocolate-covered confections; however, it also works great on cookies (including macarons), gum paste, fondant, royal icing, and candies!
  • Because Poppy Paint won’t rub or smudge once dry, there’s no need to worry about messing up your previous work when applying the final details.
  • In addition to being smudge-proof, Poppy Paint also dries waterproof.
  • While this might not sound like much, what it means is that you won’t need to worry about your hands or mouth being dyed when eating treats painted with Poppy Paint.
  • No rainbow-colored tongues or fingers!
  • Poppy Paint Blush Near Me, Nearby
Poppy Paint Blue
Poppy Paint Blue


Weight 12 oz


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