Chocolate Melts wafers are great for parties or melting and molding them into whatever you desire, Shelf life is approximately 6-9 months.

Low Price Merckens Chocolate Melting Wafers Near Me, Nearby Super White, Milk Chocolate, colored Merckens chocolate

The best way to melt wafers is in a double boiler or a Melting Pot
When using the microwave be cautious do not overcook
32nd intervals are the best way in the microwave
70-degree temperature is ideal for storage
Chocolate Wafers are available in multiple colors and weight sizes
We recommend Merckens brands for their delicious taste and ease of workability
Paramount crystals are recommended to thin out the chocolate by using a small portion.
Summer/Warm Weather Advisory

This item does not ship well in warm weather and may melt during transit.
We ship chocolate with an ice pack in a thermal bag to prevent melting. However, there may still be a slight chance of melting due to the warm summer weather. The item is shipped at the CUSTOMER’S OWN RISK. We apologize for the inconvenience the uncontrollable warm weather may cause. If you do receive chocolate that has melted, it will still work. Melt the chocolate as you normally would when ready to use it. Due to California State and Los Angeles County health codes: NO returns are allowed on food/edible products.

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